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Let's Create Memories

Citrus, Floral & Woody. Your mother’s signature perfume, The smell of your childhood home, Your favourite cup of coffee. Summer rain, Summer days spent in the swimming pool – hello chlorine & salty beach air. The pleasant and the unpleasant. I won’t list these because...yikes.

We thank our Olfactory memory for reminding us of all our favourite memories that we shouldn’t have forgotten. To bring us back to a place where we can’t help but smile. What is your favourite memory? Does it...smell? I’ve got a few, how fresh - out of the machine - laundry reminds me of Saturday mornings because that when my mom did the laundry when I was young. Or how freshly baked bread and cookies remind me of the bakery my mom and I used to drive 30 mins to, just to enjoy the most delicious vanilla cupcake at the time. But my favourite has to be: the comforting aroma of black tea with milk. My grandmothers drink of choice - always.

Now that we are all feeling warm, fuzzy and inspired, perhaps we can create some new memories together. Here are our top 3 favourite scents from our collection.

  1. Shoreline

Top notes: Sea Salt

Middle Notes: Ocean

Base Notes: White tea

Smells Like: You're Beachside. Robust notes of the sea are blended to give your home a tranquil coastal feel. We recommended Shoreline to inspire you to plan the beach holiday with your favourite people.

  1. Rainforest

Top notes: White Sage

Middle Notes: White Musk

Base Notes: Citrus

Smells Like: If taking a deep breath had a scent. Rainforest embodies the balancing notes of white sage and citrus, giving this scent it's freshness and earthiness. We recommend Rainforest as the perfect mid-day scent to inspire a calm afternoon.

  1. Eden

Top notes: Rock Rose

Middle Notes: Peony Petals

Base Notes: Pink Geranium

Smells Like: A Rosarium. I imagine this is what paradise smells like. An ethereal layered blend of roses and peonies. This isn’t like the typical floral scent. It’s poetic. We recommend Eden as the perfect scent for self-care days.

Honestly, these are all gorgeous scents curated with the purpose of adding something special to each of your moments. You won’t go wrong picking any of these to add to your scent collection

Alight then, See you soon?




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